Saturday, 16 May 2015

Prevention better than cure - Monty's Pet Nat Episode 5

The Pet Nat story continues! For Monty's project to succeed the quality and health of the grapes is vital, so together with Albury Vineyard Manager Alex, there's a long list of jobs to do!

You can view the video on the Monty's Pet Nat facebook page. Remember to 'like and share' this page - when it reaches 200 likes we will give away a bottle of Monty's Pet Nat! You can also tweet about the wine @alburyvineyard @MontyWaldin using #MontysPetNat #naturalwine.

Monty's Pet Nat is the UK's first natural wine, and has been produced by Monty Waldin and Albury Organic Vineyard. To find out more about what it's all about, visit

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