Sunday, 24 April 2011

Pearl Glands

Pearl Glands on a new shoot from a Chardonnay vine

What appear like insect eggs have appeared on the new shoots of the vines, mainly the Chardonnay. In fact these are what are known as Pearl Glands which are tiny balls of vine cells which result from seepage of stomata on the shoots. They often appear on the stems,tendrils, petioles or leaf veins on vigorous vines in warm humid conditions.

Pearl Glands are harmless but may attract ants as a food source.


  1. Hi it looks like you have a large amount of phomopsis inoculum on last years cane. How do you go about preventing an epidemic with no fungicides?.

  2. Well spotted! We have had a fair amount of phomopsis in the vineyard which is a worry. A lot of the infected canes have been cut out but obviously not all. We have sprayed the vines with a copper solution and are also considering Garlic, Fish and Citrus oils.

  3. Hi I have had the same problems in my vineyard. I will have to look into garlic fish and citrus oils. Organic viticulture in west cornwall is certainly a challenge. All the best